Videos del afiliado corresponsal

Breves informes videograbados de afiliados que asisten a eventos de campañas

Veronica Lagunas - SEIU USWW

Reporting from the second GOP debate in Simi Valley, CA. 9.16.2015


VERÓNICA LAGUNAS: My name is Verónica Lagunas. And I’m a member of SEIU-WW – USWW. The most important thing that I think is being discussed is about immigration. And about what the candidates think, what they are saying is – well, Donald Trump is – he’s very against immigration, for everyone, because he is talking about, about everyone. From children up to the oldest people. And I’m annoyed that the other candidates are being cagey, they’re not saying anything either for or against. Then it’s like you’re thinking, and, what side is that guy on? Uh-huh. And it’s hard to decide, I mean, who to vote for. No. Um, because you don’t know their exact positions.

Nathan Kisco - Local 199

Reporting from the Center for Worker Justice after the Johnson County Board of Supervisors passed a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour.

Nathan Kisco - Local 199

Reporting from a Carly Fiorina event at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, IA on September 26th.

Maria Castro - SEIU USWW

Reporting from the second GOP debate in Simi Valley, CA. 9.16.2015


MARÍA CASTRO: My name is María Castro. I belong to Local USWW. The reason I’m here - what is most important for me, was for people to realize today that, that how this person, Donald Trump, right? The truth is that he doesn’t have - he talks and talks about people, [but we know] that we are not all like he says, he says that we’re thieves, that we’re bad people. No. We are people who live here and we also contribute to this country.

INTERVIEWER: What do you think about the things that are currently being said about immigrants?

MARÍA CASTRO: Well, I think that in the end, we all come from immigrant forefathers. But we know that here we are all Mexican, that we contribute in some way. So, I think that it’s not right, the way this man wants to treat us.

INTERVIEWER: Why are you participating in this event?

MARÍA CASTRO: Because I want them to realize - I want this man, Donald Trump, to realize that we are all united, above all. That it won’t be easy for him. We all contribute something in some way. That he should realize that he won’t be able to throw out 11 million people. And that we are all united.


Guissel Martinez - SEIU USWW

Reporting from the second GOP debate in Simi Valley, CA. 9.16.2015

My name is Giselle Martínez. I belong to the local U.S.W.W. Workers Union for janitors and airport workers. And one of the reasons that I am here is because I want to send a message of how important immigration reform is for us. As a mother and a Hispanic woman, and a single mother, for me it’s very important, because this is a great benefit for many communities, for many families, since we all came here seeking the American dream. We are working families, and we are part of the community of this country. I’m also very outraged by what is going on, in relation to the... The Republican party, since we are - you can see the hate, the – the racists, especially with African Americans and immigrants. And we are also part of the community. And I’m here today because I want to send a strong message to the Republicans, that we are ready for next November to show our power, and what we are in this country, as a community. Thank you.

Eva Lopez - SEIU USWW

Reporting from the second GOP debate in Simi Valley, CA. 9.16.2015

EVANGELINA LÓPEZ: Evangelina López. I belong to the local S.E.I.U. U.S.W.W.

INTERVIEWER: What do you think about immigration and the... What the candidates are saying now?

EVANGELINA LÓPEZ: Okay. What do I think about what the candidates are saying? Such as, for example, I’ve just been getting, let’s say, somewhat annoyed at Donald Trump. Because he’s a person who, for me, is not a good leader, for the job of representing us as president of this country.


EVANGELINA LÓPEZ: Because he’s a person who discriminates, and he has focused on one country, but we are all Mexican.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Why are you participating in this event?

EVANGELINA LÓPEZ: Why I am participating in this event? Because I also come from a Central American country, I’m also an immigrant. But as an immigrant, I’m contributing work to this country, I pay my taxes, and I have a son who is going to college. I’m not, let’s say, I’m not a criminal, nor is my son a criminal. He just... he just graduated from UCLA, and he’s continuing to study there. So we, as Latinos, instead of coming to take things from this country, we have come to contribute and make the economy stronger.

Cathy Glasson & Ann Byrne - Local 199

Reporting from the 9-7-15 Labor Day picnic where Gov. O'Malley spoke to union members and community groups

Ann Byrne - Local 199

Reporting from a Women for Hillary event at Luther College in Decorah, IA.

Diana Lacey - Local 199


Reporting from the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention, where Gov. O'Malley, Sen. Sanders, and Secretary Clinton addressed the crowd in Manchester, NH

Nathan Kisco - Local 199


Reporting from the Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security Forum in Cedar Rapids, IA, where Marco Rubio addressed the crowd.