Summer 2015 Toolkit Resources

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide SEIU elected and member leaders with the materials and tools they need to begin internal discussions on our strategy to inject our agenda into 2016 politics, and how we will move candidates to respond to our political demands.

The toolkit is designed to help provide a clearer understanding of: our union-wide agenda and the live fights happening in states across the country on our issues; the growing movement of workers that are driving our demand to fix the country’s broken economic and political systems; how potential presidential candidates are talking about and campaigning on our issues; and how we plan to move voters and candidates from both parties to respond to our political demands.

To accomplish these goals, leaders will receive ongoing support for member discussion through updated toolkits of material. The first discussion outline and supporting materials can be found below, and are designed to support initial member conversations on our strategy and plan for candidate engagement. Subsequent toolkit updates will include new materials that highlight changes in the political/electoral environment on our agenda, timely statements and actions by candidates on our issues and incorporate lessons learned and feedback we receive from Local conversations.

1. Overview of Toolkit:

A brief description of the toolkit's purpose, desired goals and summary list of the toolkit's components.

2. 90 Minute Discussion Guide:

An outline guide for leading interactive conversations on our 2016 strategy to drive our issue agenda, and to move candidates to respond on our demands. It includes a script and facilitator notes.

3. Supporting Handouts On our Issues

SEIU Platform Agenda:

A downloadable platform booklet.

Candidate Letter:

Our letter to potential Presidential candidates, inviting them to share with our members where they stand and how they plan to lead on the issues that comprise our agenda.


Q&A responding to questions about our strategy to inject our issue agenda into 2016 politics, why and when we might consider our endorsement as part of our engagement with candidates on our agenda.

Letter Exercise:

Easy access to the "Mad Lib" Exercise offered in the 90 Minute Discussion Guide. The exercise helps to gather feedback from members on what candidates can do to show they are working on our issue agenda and earn our support. Online version available here.